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Asian Dating – Black, White, and Everything in Between

Asian Interracial DatingAsian interracial dating is a tricky endeavor. Understanding a completely different culture and loving someone that is your polar opposite can be very daunting. For any couples, may it be a Black-Asian or White-Asian interracial dating, maneuvering the cultural divide can land them in Splitsville. It’s just too many things that are unfamiliar. If you are looking to date an Asian and are a stranger to the game, listen up for some tips on Asian Women for dating, Asian Lesbian Dating, and Asian Men Dating.

1.  Know what they are looking for. If you are looking at casual dating, make sure that your partner is riding the same wave. Many Asians do not go for that sort of game. They prefer to make a successful career then settle down. Others prefer to date around, looking for marriage later in life than is conventional. Still, there are those that choose to marry early. So go ahead, pick your poison.

2.  Geography, geography, geography. Not all Asians are the same.  Dating a Vietnamese Girl is a wholly different experience from dating someone who is Armenian. Asia is a humongous continent, composed of widely diverse cultures, religions, and peoples. The general idea that someone with chinky eyes is Asian is grossly wrong. That’s saying Asia is composed of Chinese people. 

Also, think about geography in the literal sense of the word. Can you weather the storm of a long-distance relationship? Let’s say you hit it off with someone from Indonesia through one of the Asian women online dating sites. Can you withstand traveling to and from that country, weaving through the Indonesian traffic and heat? That is an experience in itself and you say whether it’s worth it or not.

3.  Know where you stand with families. Asian families are large and close-knit. If you’re not a family person, or you can’t stand visiting families, better think twice about going out with an Asian.

4.  Overlook the reticence. Asian men and women are mostly reserved in their demeanor. Don’t think that they’re not interested in you, though. Their face may say “I don’t care” but they may be devouring you in their head. Heck, Asians watch porn with a poker face, just ask the Japanese!

5.  Don’t generalize. If you’re still in the getting-to-know-you part, avoid making Asian jokes or make generalizations about Asians. Don’t take them out to a Chinese restaurant just because their are Japanese. Asians are very particular about their nationality, so make a point to know your partner’s.

Asian interracial dating is quite an extreme coupling, on the outside. The vast majority of being Asian women dating white men and to the minority of Asian women dating black men. But once you’ve both managed to decode the mysteries of religion, culture, and language, it’s just like any other kind of relationship. Maybe, even better.

Dating Asians is a unique experience. Aside from the cultural, religious, language, and geographical barriers that Blacks, Whites and everything in between may encounter, there is always that one stumbling block that is close to the heart of almost all Asians: family. Always, always, always be mindful of the sensibilities of your date’s or partner’s family. They make or break your future relationship. And a tip to the wise: no Asian jokes at the first date.

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